Lt. Mark Jericho
Bruay Aerodrome

"I'm guessing you can ride?" Jericho asked Swany. "Ya, of course!" Swany replied.'
"Well you saddle up Moon and Jim's mount and I'll be back in a short." Jericho said. When Swany asked where they were going, Jericho smiled, " We are goin' on a pig hunt Amigo." Swany asked," Is it legal, can we do that?"
Jericho spit on the ground. "Pard, it shouldn't be legal to fly around the sky and kill each other but we're here in France doin' it by god! Now get those mounts in order and I'll be back."

Jericho got his 45 Colt from his hut and then went to Sgt. Jeremy. "Can I borrow your Enfield, Sgt.?" Jericho asked. The Sgt. looked at Jericho with a puzzled look on his face. "Look Sgt. I know this ain't according to the book but you would really be doing me a favor it I could borrow it for a few hours"
"This is highly irregular Lt.!" The Sgt. said. Jericho rolled his eyes. "This whole d#@nned war is irregular Sgt.! I tell you what, if you let me borrow your rifle, I will let you shoot my 45. How about that? Nobody will be the wiser, I promise."
The Sergeant's eye's gleamed as he looked at the stag handled 45 in Jericho's holster. "Alright Lt. but you best have it back in a few hours." Jericho nodded. "Thanks Pard. If you will go stand on that end of the field with your rifle, I'll be by to get in 2 shakes." The Sergeant looked puzzled. "Shortly Pard! Shortly!" Jericho said with a laugh.

As Jericho and Swany rode by the Sergeant at the northwest end of the field Jericho leaned down and took the rifle from the Sergeant. "Thanks Pard, be back in 2 shakes" Jericho said laughing. "Vere are we going?" Swany asked. Jericho answered, "You know that wood about 5 miles off." Swany nodded yes. "Well I reckon if there is a pig in these parts, he's in those woods." They rode through the snow at a nice trot. Jericho had not felt this good in a long time. It was not unlike the high plains in Montana. The war seemed a long way off if just for a few hours. As they reached the wood, Jericho and Swany circled it looking for a game trail. Swany spotted one in a short while and pointed it out to Jericho. "Good eye's Amigo, I see you have done a bit of tracking and trailing yourself!" Swany smiled, "Ya, a good bit." Jericho smiled back, "I knew there was some reason I liked you. You a good shot I suppose?" Jericho asked.
"Pretty good" Swany replied. Jericho looked around. "Well, since we don't have a whole lot of time. What you think about you taking the rifle and setting up on this trail. I'll ride around to the other side and see what I can drive this way." Swany looked up and down the wood and nodded in the affirmative."Here you go Pard" Jericho said as he handed the Enfield to Swany. With the plan set, Jericho pulled Moon around and took off at a gallop.

When half way around the wood, Jericho slowed Moon and entered it. He walked him at a fast pace dodging low hanging limbs. Every so often he would let a whoop to drive game and to let Swany know where he was. About half way through he saw a sounder of pigs running ahead. He kicked Moon into a gallop and as fast as he dared he turned them in Swany's direction. All of a sudden a thicket ahead made him pull up and he lost sight of the pigs. "D@#" he said out loud. Moon was panting heavily and Jericho patted him on the neck. "you did good ol'boy. Real good." When the shot rang out it took Jericho by surprise and startled Moon a bit as he sidestepped. "Easy boy. Easy" Jericho said as he patted him again. He then took Moon at a trot toward the sound of the shot.

It was only a 100 yards or so when he could see Swany kneeling over a black hog. "That's some fine shooting Amigo! and it looks like a nice one." Swany stood up with a big grin. He had nailed the young 150 lb. boar with one shot. Jericho dismounted and got out his knife. "You bring that sack Swany?" Jericho asked. "Ya" Swany replied. Jericho ringed the pigs ankles with cuts and made one cut down the boar's spine. Then he and Swany pulled the tough hide down one side as Jericho cut it to free it. Once one side was done he took the backstrap off that side and cut off the front shoulder then disjointed the rear shank. They flipped the boar over and Swany handed the knife to Swany. "You do the honors on this side Pard," Swany, no stranger to skinning critters soon had the other backstrap, shoulder and shank loose. They cleaned their hands in the snow and tied the bagged meat across the back skirt of Moon's saddle and headed back to Bruay.

"Pard, I ain't had this much fun in a long time." Swany agreed. They rode back to the Aerodrome singing the "Yellow Rose of Texas."

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