Feldwebel Drogo Dorn
Martincourt, Verdun
Sept. 23, 1916

Drogo’s good spirits after his 5th victory would soon be dashed. Kette Zwei with Kette Eins were to patrol their lines north of Verdun. Over the middle of NML they were attacked by 3 Nieuports. Two of them engaged Drogo. He found himself on the tail of one and let go with three quick bursts. He must have left his mark as the Nieuport dove out of the fight. He had no time to see what happened to him as the second Nieuport was coming around on his tail and hitting him. He quickly turned right and engaged the Nieuport head on. Neither could bring their guns to target as they passed each other. They made five or six circles but neither could get the advantage. On the last circle the Nieuport broke off and headed south. Drogo dove to go after him but quickly decided it was time to call it a day and pulled the Fokker up in a circle. If anyone else was around he could not see them. With one last look he headed home. The other machines came in one by one. Marconnay pulled himself from the cockpit holding his arm. Jeschonneck had to be helped out of his machine and Geich collapsed after stepping onto the ground. None were seriously wounded. Drogo heard Marconnay say Mayer went down in flames. Drogo was the only one of the Jasta that was untouched. Obviously there would be no flying for a few days.

Drogo lay in his bed staring into the darkness. He thought of his life in the trenches not too long ago and smiled. “Well if I die, at least it will be after a good sleep in a nice bed and a full stomach “ he thought.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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