I just caught myself up with everyone’s adventures here, a pleasure as always.

77_Scout, that was a close one for Aleck. As noted by Raine, an excellent job of evasive flying and working with your wingman. Good video too.

Raine, nice bit of dovetailing into MFair’s latest episode. And I love the song!

Carrick, best to let ticking bombs lie.

MFair, Jericho is a man of chivalry as well as mystery, but I do hope his temper won’t drop him into some real trouble. Lucky Swany was there to keep him from killing that Frenchman.

Fullofit, Gaston has kept himself busy I see. He shouldn’t feel too badly about missing the target from time-to-time as that was par for the course back in the day. Nice video, by the way.

Lederhosen, great journal entry, well done. Also, I think your fellow might actually enjoy Ensisheim, it’s a lovely area.

Wulfe, more great reading, most enjoyable. I envy you the Fee, I always found it to be a fine early-to-mid war bus, both for flying and fighting.

2nd Lt. Swanson is now convinced that the enemy has made killing him and his gunner/obs, Lt. Dent, an utmost priority. With the exception of this morning’s sortie, which was an uneventful and quiet recce of the Hun trenches north of Loos, every outing over the last week has seen Swany and Christopher in go-rounds with multiple Eindeckers. The most harrowing was two days ago on the 23rd. B Flight had reconnoitered the back areas east of Loos and was turning to go home when a trio of Huns swept down upon them. Just when the boys from Auchel thought they had things under control another brace of Eindeckers joined the party. Swany did everything he could think of to keep the enemy from riddling their kite with holes while still providing Lt. Dent some shooting opportunities of his own. As if this weren’t enough, Archie suddenly found their range, savagely bouncing the Morane about in the bleak, rain-filled sky. Luck decided to change sides when Christopher managed a solid hit on the closest Hun, sending him looping down out of control. This discouraged the nasty fellow’s partner who promptly turned tail and headed back east. Swany guided his own mount towards camp at best speed, crossing his fingers that they would make it as the engine was now coughing and sputtering like a Norwegian lumberjack who’d just swallowed his snus. Fortune continued to smile on the pair long enough to get them back to Auchel in one piece, and after turning in their reports and claim forms, the two men went to the mess to take some tea and calm their nerves.

As to the recent claims submitted by Lieutenants Swanson and Dent: the one from a week ago was denied due to lack of corroboration; the one from two days ago was confirmed by a British MG squad in the frontline trenches south of Loos. This means Swany now has two confirmed victories, and the young fellow is as much surprised as he is pleased by this fact. He has also been forced to write home, directing his father to withdraw some of Swany’s savings from the bank and wire it along to him. The young fellow’s chit at the bar has grown to a fairly hefty size, what with the recent victory celebrations and the CO’s orders concerning American and Canadian pilots following the “Bethune Incident”.

Einies and Archie and rain, oh my!
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