Wulfe, who the heck is leaking all this information about Gaston to the press?!
It’s time to employ the help of the Ack-Emmas and have that leaky roof repaired. How is anyone expecting the French pilots to live in conditions like this? Well, what do you know? All Fullard brothers may be reunited in France after all. Waiting for that fifth victory. C’mon James!
Carrick, they got Goonie? Oh no! That’s terrible news. Time to get some revenge!
Scout, sorry to hear about Aleck and just when things started to get interesting. An ace nonetheless. Good luck with the ‘B’ chap.
Raine, wow a Zep! That had to be some sight. I’m surprised you’re not flying in at least pairs. Probably need the firepower of at least two scouts to bring this beast down. No Le Prieurs available on the Quirks? So, dragons and white horses ... sounds like the last episode of Game of Thrones.

"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."