Finally got caught up! I’m glad everyone is still alive.
Hasse, great to see Julius back.
Lou and Raine, this will be very interesting.
Wulfe, looking forward to what you have in store.
Fullofit, that was a real mess of a mission Bud,
Carrick, got to have an easy one every once in a while.
Harry, your new skin should make any Strutter pilot poo his pants.

My apologies if I missed anyone. Lots to catch up on. BTW,if you have not downloaded WOFF PE, do so now. It is fantastic! As for the new bleed out feature, get to the ground quick. I got hit in a quick combat mission, 66 percent health. By the time I got down in 2 or three minutes I was at 35 percent. Hospital for 20 days. I don’t remember every seeing a hospital stay that long.

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