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Tobias Chester Mulberry was born in Taunton, Somerset on 6 September, 1899.
His father Francis, a career Navy officer, bound to a desk job due to an injury sustained during naval exercise, was happy his firstborn was a boy. A boy that will follow in his footsteps. Mother Gwendolyn was less ecstatic, secretly wishing for a daughter, left nursing and raising of her son to the hired nanny. The family moved to Bristol in 1909. Francis pushed his son to enlist with the naval cadets at the local academy, but once Sir George White established the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company, Ltd at the top of Filton Hill, young Toby was smitten with aviation and would spend all his free time at the flying grounds, observing the flight trials and running errands for the mechanics. He was only 12. When the war broke out three years later, his father’s influence gained him a clerk’s position at the Royal Navy offices. The clerk job did not sit well with Mulberry and after reaching a ripe age of 17 he was determined to enlist in RNAS, despite his father’s stern protests. During his interview he lied about his age and presented a forged letter of introduction from his father. He was offered a commission of sub-lieutenant contingent on his successful passing of the medical exam. The medical examiner’s report stated: excellent health, vision and hearing, only one descended testicle and abnormally large breasts complete with woman’s like nipples. He was off to officer training and then to the RNAS Training Establishment at Cranwell. It was there that his schoolmates bestowed upon him the nickname “Chesty”, which had nothing to do with his middle name. After earning his brevet Tobias obtained his marching orders. There was no one to see him off at the train station: neither his angry father, nor his indifferent mother came to say their goodbyes. He nearly convinced himself that he was better off in France. The train took him to the docks where a steamer was waiting to take supplies, materiel and men to France. Another train ride via Paris to Lyon. And finally a long drive in the back of an army lorry. Toby was ultimately there, with his bag in hand and eyes and ears wide open. In front of him lie the Luxeuil aerodrome of 3 Wing RNAS. His adventure was about to commence.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."