Keith Cunard Mallory
Sgt, Rfc
29 Sqn, Ablee AF.
3 Kills

May 28, 1916.

Dawn Patrol : Bounced 2 Recon types on our side of the lines . They split up 1 to the East the other West, our flight of 5 packed on the one going East. Top cover made a firing pass ( 2 a/c ) then my section , I fired Two 8 rd strings and came back around. My 2 other a/c closed and scored Black smoke puked out and she went over in a nose dive going full speed as the wings came off. Total : 1 kill for 2 a/c damaged.

Afternoon defensive Patrol: Our 3 machines engaged 2 Recon types in our local flying area. Tubby Long, got both. I came up under 1 e/a and as I stalled the Gunner hit my kite with 2 packets of fire. I recovered control ,but my machine just wobbled all over the sky so eased off power and headed home. counted 12 hits close together right wing fabric was shed ed near the Roundel. Score 2 destroyed for 2 damaged. + 1 Missing Dh 2 never saw what happened to Lt Russ.

Sqn Status: 9 a/c left of 14.
Pilots : 7

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