Raine, you are also a dirty, dirty man.
That was an exhilarating tale. I can’t imagine finding one of those airships in the darkness and taking it out. Good on you. Collins is going to be one famous flyer. I guess Major Higgins has nothing to complain about now. I wonder if James is also going to be haunted by a fleet of fried sailors.
Lou, you had given me the heebie-jeebies with that story. Any fried bacon aftertaste? Oh, and thank the Gong fairy for me. The award was unexpected.
Lederhosen, Brown Baron? I hope it's just dried blood, not that other thing.
Carrick, don’t give up. Bring along more tracers on the next mission.
Harry, Boelcke shook Lazlo’s hand? Did he have to go to a hospital immediately after? Lucky those E.IV’s showed up when they did. Looking forward to his first encounter with the enemy.

19 August, 1916 15:50 afternoon mission
Luxeuil, Alsace Sector
3 Wing RNAS
FL Tobias Chester Mulberry
6 confirmed kills
Awaiting 1 claim confirmation

Commander Draper was just ahead already heading for the front lines. Toby was coming into formation. He looked overboard and saw the Mulhouse railyard burning below with black and grey smoke rising above it. Each of the planes was four bombs lighter after releasing them just a few minutes ago. Their job was done and they were on their way back home. Or so they thought when two Fokkers E.IV’s appeared to the south. Mulberry spotted them in time and turned into the Huns. One of them went to introduce himself to Draper, the other came sniffing after Toby. The two pairs got separated from each other while fighting their opponents. Toby kept his partner ahead and below. The German pilot tried to lose the British by flying under him, but all Toby had to do was to bank to reacquire the monoplane. It actually worked at one time and the Fokker succeeded in getting away, but the tan canvas stood out again the forest canopy and Toby was able to spot him and dive after him. The Hun was on his way to the nearby Sierentz aerodrome when a barrage of gunfire surprised him. The machine spun violently into the ground and Mulberry turned back to rejoin Draper. As soon as he did that, he realized he was flying directly towards a trio of Fokkers patrolling above. He tried to skulk behind them at lower altitude, but the Flak from the railyard betrayed him. It was too late. One of the Fokkers peeled off from the formation and dived on him. It was Toby’s turn to fly into his assailant and try to hide under the Eindecker‘s fuselage. The Fokker driver would have none of that and made a large circular descent to Mulberry’s level. It was not his finest hour, as Toby instantly pounced on his tail and brought the machine down east of the burning railyard. He then quickly turned for the lines not wanting to meet the vanquished pilot’s friends. He immediately noticed another Eindecker fly by at a higher altitude but this one was in no mood to party. Draper probably gave this one a black eye.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."