I am a bit behind...

Aleck A. MacKinlay
April 29, 1916

Strutters. It's a new Sopwith type and we got to escort two of them from RFC-5 to attack Lomme airfield. We got to study a spotting guide so were able to recognize our charges when we met them. Tangled with an Eindekker over the target but he did two 'falling leaf' escape maneuvers and landed safely.

The afternoon flight was a doozie. Our airfield attack on Haubourdin was spoiled by a trio of high Eindekkers that swooped down on us. I dispatched an amateurishly flown tan machine that was shooting up Cromwell (he owes me!). A green Eindekker then engaged me and he was a fantastic pilot, turning so expertly that I could not get a shot in. He finally bolted for Phalempim airfield and I gave him a burst from behind but he pulled a wing-over stunt and promptly disappeared. Gone! No wreckage, no smoke, no parked aircraft. I put in a claim for the first Eindekker, my first downed aircraft.

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