Fullofit, Denys seems a proper character indeed and one to keep an eye on. As to that pair of Fokkers, those pilots knew how to handle their kites. Despite how outdated the Eindecker is becoming they put up a good fight.

Wulfe, good news about Devienne making it through, he was lucky. Too bad James is still waiting on his transfer to l'Escadrille Americaine, but then the wheels do turn painfully slow at HQ. Also too bad about those last three claims being denied.

Scout, it sounds like Aleck's go-round with those Eindeckers was intense. The Hun must be eating their Wheaties these days.

Carrick, from the looks of it Keith was trading for more than just milk and eggs.

Lederhosen, Willi always seems to come up with nice livery on his mounts. Congrats on his latest victories, how many does that make now?


9 May, 1916
Northolt, Middlesex, England
70 Squadron, R.F.C.
Lt. Randolph Arvid Swanson, MC & Bar, CdG
12 confirmed victories

Swany and the rest of the outfit are still waiting on the promised planes, so far only three of the allotted ten Strutters have arrived. This means that, with the original two they had to practice with, there are now five of the craft parked at Northolt. The big new for Swany however is the return of his very first gunner/obs, Lt. Christopher Dent. As some of you may recall the fellow was shot through the right shoulder back in early February during an ill-fated outing that also saw Lt. Swanson hit in the left side. At that time the doctors were not sure if Dent would ever regain the use of his arm, much less fly again. But the man is a fighter and has proven them wrong, and after three months he is fully recovered and has been assigned to 70 Squadron. Swany was happily shocked when he walked into the mess yesterday at lunch and a familiar voice shouted to him from across the room; "Well if it isn't my old chum, Lieutenant Swansong!" After a hearty handshake and pats on the back the two spent the afternoon catching up on what each had been up to. And, they have made a joint request to work as a team again. All-in-all, despite the shortage of aeroplanes, it was a very good day for the reunited duo.