Well, I've managed to get caught up again on all your reports here Gents - most enjoyable!

Wolfe, congratulations on Graham's MC, a well-earned award. Wonderful episodes, and I am enjoying the crossovers into the No.3 stories. I feel your pain when it comes to flying in the rain in an open cockpit. I've done it in RL and it is no fun at all.

Fullofit, congratulations to your man as well on another CdG. Gaston now has two bronze palms on his ribbon. Also, that is one purple kite he is now chasing around in, the Hun's will come to fear it in no time at which point he won't have any to shot at as they will all run away as soon as they see him. Tough luck for Papinet, hopefully he won't be in the hospital too long. Super videos, by the way.

Scout, sounds like Aleck's first flight in the DH.2 went well. He is going to love that mount, especially coming from the Quirk.

Carrick, too bad Emile and his G/O lost sight of that Hun when he went down. Better luck on the next one getting confirmed.

MFair, another excellent telling of Jericho's adventures. I hope Christian's wound is a light one and he can get back in the air ASAP. And how about that Hun, eh? Giving you a salute as he flys away.

Lederhosen, your man was lucky to have gotten away from those two Niueps. Good news about his claim being confirmed, how many does that make?