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If you happen to use the Mark 1-W I created for WOFF your results should be quite excellent.

My problem is that I am trying to use the bombsight mod and it is not working for me. Installed it with JSGME but can't seem to get it to activate in game. Pressing F11 (correct?). I must be missing some crucial element.

Have you tried the mod with different planes, e.g. DH4, Be-2c or Sopwith Strutter? If it works for other planes then there is high possibility of mod bug for this particular aircraft. I think I have noticed that in the past, but I do not remember what plane it was.
Just let me know your results,pls, and I will correct the mod accordingly. Of course, I am talking about this mod - WOFFUEMk-1WBomsightsAll_in_Onemod-v1.4 .

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