February 3, 1916

The Major still seems to be in a bit of shock regarding yesterday's recon report that the Hun airfield at Lille is completely devoid of aircraft or activity. Seems his pet project these last few weeks has been a bit of a boondoggle!

The upside is that our attention switched today to a railyard north of Lens. The crackerjack lads in the mechanics pool have fixed up my bombing sight and it worked a charm. Four Coopers bombs nicely placed right in the middle of the yard. Corwin did well with his eggs as well and we were both quite eager to give our reports on return as I think we really stuffed up the enemies logistics in the area, at least for a few days.

We have seen no enemy aircraft for some time now and things are becoming rather a lark. I mentioned this to Chris and he got quite upset, saying that I would jinks us by saying such things. Didn't realize the old guy was so superstitious.


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