Raine, looks like you've inherited Swany's magnetism for Fokkers. Good job keeping them out of your hair. Do you think Wilson would benefit from a few shooting lessons from Craig? And … why do you want to know where your aunt's feather is? So many questions, so little time.
Lou, looks like Mme FouFou's is the original circus. I'm beginning to understand where Manfred got his idea from.

15 March, 1916 10:35
Senard, Verdun Sector
Escadrille N37
Adjutant Gaston A. Voscadeaux
2 confirmed kills

When Gaston heard this morning that he and his wingman Cpl. Dreux will be the only two assigned to keep company to a pair of Nieuport 12s photographing town factories at Charleville, nearly 80 km NNW of Senard, he had to ask. Why only two airplanes are assigned for escort duty so deep into enemy territory? Someone at the back, attending the mission briefing was quick to point out that the reason could be that only he and his wingman wouldn’t be missed if they happened to get shot down. This irritated Gaston and his response was quick and pitiless.
“- It appears we are flying so deep into Bochie that even the Fokkers don’t fly there. It will be a walk in the park and if I knew about it sooner I’d invite my wife to join us, instead of you pansies.”
That kept the “smart mouth” quiet for the rest of the briefing.
The route was testing Gaston's navigational abilities. He had to unfurl the rarely used part of the map to see where they were going. It was a long flight and the clouds were increasing in density as they were approaching Charleville. The landscape was untouched by the ravages of war. Green fields and luscious forests sprawled around the two pairs of intruders. The city was now in full view and the N12s commenced their photo-reconnaissance duties. Gaston and Cpl. Dreux followed nearby. There were no contacts apart from a pair of disinterested Aviatiks. Voscadeaux was glad to get back to base after 2 hours in the air. He was ready for a glass of wine to get the blood flowing in all extremities.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."