Thanks Lou, the good thing about videos is that they make themselves. As to the Eindeckers, Toby is actually helping the poor Hun pilots. When he shoots down ALL monoplanes, the Kaiser will have no choice but to equip them with better machines. Still not sure if it’s a good plan.
Congrats on the Halbie, but it looks like tough times are ahead of the 70 Sqn. Those Albatrosen appear to be a tough nut to crack. Good luck!

Congrats to all the recent Gong Fairy awardees!

MFair, look who’s talking. Mister Caudron plague. Herr Kanone ... ah, wait a minute! You need 10 to be an Ace on the other side. Almost had me there winkngrin
Congrats! With that D.II you’ll be a double-Ace in no time.

Hasse, you have it backwards. It is not Carrick that ends up in a hospital with pretty nurses. It is the pretty nurses that end up in a hospital with Carrick in it.

23 September, 1916 04:30 morning mission
Luxeuil, Alsace Sector
3 Wing RNAS
SC Tobias Chester Mulberry
20 confirmed kills

One of the latest claims was credited to Toby. His tally stood at 20.

They took off in total darkness to arrive over the target at first light. It wasn’t enough that it was an early start, it was ‘B’ flight only show to boot. The flight to Habsheim took the better part of the morning. Toby’s wingman detached from formation as they were crossing the front lines. Had to have a dud engine. Toby continued looking back from time to time to check if Knight wouldn’t sort out his problem and catch up. He finally saw him in the distance. It was still dark and the visibility wasn’t great so Toby couldn’t tell if there was anything wrong with the plane but he was relieved to see his wingman back. He slowed down so that the other man could catch up. There was something odd about it though. Toby observed his wingman as he approached. He finally realized what the issue was. His wingman was flying a Strutter with only one pair of wings! It was a Hun in a sheep’s clothing. Toby turned around to face the sneaky enemy. He had him in his sights soon enough and firing, but then his gun jammed. He reached for his mallet. Aha! There it is! He pulled on it and felt his plane jolt and zoom up with a sudden release of weight. Toby accidentally tripped the bomb release lever as he pulled on the mallet. “- That’s just bloody great!” He thought to himself as he imagined the bombs descend with a loud whistle into the forest below, exploding harmlessly and scaring off the game. The gun continued to refuse to fire. Finally, with a final blow to the breach the bent shell dislodged itself and Toby resumed the onslaught. The gun jammed again, but the bullets continued to hit the Hun. Toby was befuddled and examined his gun closely. His Vickers was silent. It was definitely not him. Mulberry looked behind to see Knight, who re-emerged and continued Toby’s work. Mulberry’s mallet worked furiously. He watched as his wingman continued to harass the Boche. Again, the gun jam was cleared and Toby came to help Rick. A pale stream of vapour followed the Fokker wherever it went. The morning sun reflected in the trace, giving it a pinkish hue. Toby could see his target clearly against the dark forest below. The Eindecker was now gliding down without power. Few more passes and the Hun was forced down. It was a failed mission, but Toby was glad to be going home. Those German pilots get up pretty early in the morning to earn their Deutsche Marks.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."