28 Juni 1916

„Ltn Rosenstein obediently reporting as ordered Herr Hauptmann“.

“Morgen Willi, good romp this morning?”. The Hauptmann moved over to his desk, picked up a letter adressed to him. “Have a read and tell me what you think Willi”.

Willi relaxed a little and took the light brown colored paper into his hand and started to read. It was an official order from the top. Willi finished and looked up at his C.O. “umm, right away Herr Hauptmann?”

“seems so Willi. Look things are about to change, had too really. Tommy and his friends can't have it their way all the time. It's all hush hush but the Kaisers' Luftstreitkräfte is to be totally reorganized. And I've heard that new aircraft types are to be introduced to the front.”

“But Sir, this group fly's those useless monoplanes! They need us to bodyguard them !”

“Yes yes yes Willi you are correct but unfortunatly some Pilot in a green Fokker made this request. Say's you saved his bacon from an N16 a few days back.”. Willi knew who he was. The Pilot in the green Fokker had flown over to Willi and gave a salute as 'Dankeschön'. “He's a good man Willi, one of those instructors up at Douai. It's nothing permanent Willi, trials actually. He's been tasked with creating a scout unit at Bertincourt, KEK Nord they call themselves. I've sent him a copy of your files, reports etc last week.”

Willi sighed in protest but caught himself quickly, showing despair wan't a good thing to do. “Jawohl Herr Hauptmann.”

“Good! Look at this as a few days rest from front duties. Go down there, meet some new faces, learn something new maybe. I'd hate to see you go Willi but things change in love and war. Do your best Willi, remember you represent every man here, including me.”

So with a heavy heart Willi packed his kit and said all the good bye's.

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