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Toby walked the full length of the airfield. After the four hour drive on the dusty roads he could smell fresh, clear air laced with pine from the nearby forests. The earth crunched underfoot, obnoxiously loud chirping of birds was filling his ears and his stomach was letting him know he wasn’t fed in a while. A group of men with their shirts off were reclining on folding chaise lounges attempting to tan their pasty torsos. They didn’t notice him as he approached. Their faces were covered with their service caps to shield from the beating sun.
“- Good morning. Flight Sub-Lieutenant Mulberry. Pleasure to meet you all. Could you fine gentlemen point me in the direction the offices?”
Without taking the cap off his face one of the men pointed left.
“- You want to talk to Daddy, eh? He’s not in right now. You’ll have to wait.”
“- Talk to Daddy? I beg your pardon!” Toby was confused.
Another chap finally took his cap off and looked at the new arrival.
“- Ahh, a fellow Englishman. How delightful! I’m Chris Draper. Don’t mind them. They’re ... erm, Canadian. They’re a good bunch, but rough around the edges.” Draper got up to shake Toby’s hand.
“- And you’re mad, eh!” One of the suntanning Canadians interjected.
“- You just stay down there, Art and continue your tanning. We don’t want you to get hurt.” Draper retorted.
“- Yeah, yeah, yeah.” The man called Art stretched.
“- He is right, you know. Daddy ... I mean Captain Elder is away, but don’t worry. We’ll get you sorted out soon enough. Come with me.” Draper grabbed his shirt and put it back on. They walked past the hangars. Mulberry could see the Ack-Emmas working on the aeroplanes inside. Petrol and dope mixed together to assault his sense of smell.
“- Wow, Strutters!” Toby’s neck was craning to take in as much as possible.
“- Indeed. I’ll bet you’ll be piloting one of these soon enough. Here we are. Have a quick wander inside and get your business in order. Glad to have met you. Cheerio!” And just like that Draper was on his way back to the rest of the gang.
“- Thank you!” Mulberry yelled after him in gratitude. The office stood in front of him. He knocked and pushed the door open.

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Luxeuil Aerodrome

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Christopher Draper

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Arthur Treloar ‘Art’ Whealy

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."