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Lederhosen, I have never flown the Roland but they are the bugger to deal with across the sky.

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Lt. Mark Jericho
Bruay Aerodrome
March 17, 1916

Jericho walked toward his hut after the day's mission. They had bombed the front lines near Oppy with no contact which was fine with him. As he entered the hut his friend Swany was sitting on his cot. Jericho stopped at the door and put his hands on his hips looking at Swany. "Well if it ain't Mr. Fancy Pants! The whole field is talking about your latest Hun Amigo! First they give you a medal and then you go out and shoot down another one. I got just one question." Swany looked at Jericho smiling. "Vat would that be" he asked. Jericho paused for a moment looking back at Swany. "What in the hell are you gonna do for an encore Pard! You got the jewelry, your name in the paper. Hell, you got a full time night women if you want it." Swany looked up at Jericho again and said "Don't push it Mark." Jericho put up his hands. "I'm just raggin' on ya. Didn't mean no disrespect to you or the lady" he said. Swany smiled, "I know you didn't. The last few days have been bit bewildering."

Jericho pulled off his flying suit and hung his 45 on it's peg. He then sat down on his cot. "You reckon we'll make it through all this Swany" he asked.
"Who knows" Swany answered.
"Seems to me its a game of inches" Jericho went on. "You take that crack on the noggin I got a a while back and James with that wicked scare he will carry the rest of his life. One more inch for either of us and we would have gone under for sure. Yep, its a game of inches."
Swany did not answer
"You believe in reincarnation Amigo" Jericho asked.
"Never thought about it much" Swany answered. "Why"
"Well, let me tell you my feelings on the subject. I heard a poem a ways back and it stuck with me. Go's like this"

What is reincarnation, a cowboy asked his friend.
Why its something that happens when your life has reached the end.
They comb your hair and wash your neck and clean your fingernails,
And lay you in a padded box away from life's travails.

Now this box and you goes in a hole that's been dug into the ground.
And this here reincarnation starts once your planted "neath the mound"
Now pretty soon the clods melt down along with the box and you who are inside,
and then your just beginning on your transformation ride.

And then one day some grass will grow upon rendered mound.
Until one day, on your moldered grave a little flower is found.
Then say by chance a horse should wander by and graze upon that flower that once was you
and now has become your vegetative bower.

Now the posy that that horse done ate along with all the rest of his feed,
becomes fat and bone and muscle, essential to the steed.
But some is consumed that he can't use and so it finally passes on through,
and just lays there on the ground.
This thing that once was you

Then say, by chance, I wanders by
And see's this on the ground,
and I wonder and I ponder at this object that I found.
And I begin to think about reincarnation and life and death and such.
And I come away concluding Old pal, You ain't changed that much!

With that Jericho doubled over with laughter pointing at Swany. Swany Just shook his head with a wide grin.

Note: "Reincarnation" by Wallace McCrae

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