Karl Arnt Lofthoven Hasn't cone much reporting because a) you guys are way better, and b) he hadn't seen even a burst of Archie in hie several boring flights. Pretty much every flight has been "go up to St Die ( across from Colmar), and take pictures/spot for artillery/look for troops. 30ish minutes up , do a few circles, and 30ish minutes back. the most excitement has been when the motor would die, or he's reach for his coffee, and move his stick a fractio nof an inch and stall the plane. Not complaining, mind, you, since the aviatk B2 is slow, not very maneuverable, always close to stalling, and oh yesh, un armed. So now he's told to go over to the lines west of Mulhouse (hey, somewhere different). By the time he saw three dots ahead of him, it was too late, he Turned for what it was worth, but it was so absurdly lopsided that one of the EA was doing barrel rolls behind him. The end was inescapable; Karl Arnt is dead.

May I never step in an Aviatik again.