Aleck A. MacKinlay
February 25, 1916

Bombing Rumbeke airfield! Ten bloody miles behind enemy lines! That's much farther than anything the Major has tasked us with so far. He really is taking this 'offensive spirit' thing to the upper tier.

Jones lead our flight of two BE2's and did an excellent job of getting us there, through a blur of snow and cloud. Despite my initial fears a sense of calm came over me as we reached our target. There were our two Bristol Scouts patrolling the skies over Rumbeke, and I realized we had caught the enemy entirely napping ... the Hun would never expect an attack this far behind the lines in such terrible weather. I lined up on the enemy field and made my drop, seeing two hangers taking the brunt of the explosions.

Back home with nary a problem.

Our squadron seems to be enjoying a halo of safety and success lately, with little opposition, no mechanical issues, and a full roster of pilots and crew. Perhaps there is so much misery and bad luck at Verdun these days that the world has none to spare for us.

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