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Sgt. Graham A. Campbell
Hounslow Heath Aerodrome
December 23rd,1918

The Training mob here in Hounslow are all suffering from sore heads this morning!

Our bombing practices were a success - at least in the eyes of Andrews! Personally, I found it thrilling. Coming out of a dive, we were instructed to drop our bombs and skid away sharply to the side, to avoid the blast. Even when doing that, the B.E. is thrown up by several feet, just by the force of the bomb going off below! The first time I experienced this, I thought I was for it, but once I realised that I was okay, I rather enjoyed the weird sensation!

Yesterday, we were all summoned, one by one, into Andrews' office. Suspecting that we were again to be put through the ringer, I sheepishly made my way to his door upon my scheduled summoning. Imagine my surprise when Freddy Foster skipped on out of the office, beaming from ear-to-ear, and shouted to me "Oh, just you wait to hear the news!". Inquisitively, I stepped through and stood expectantly on the other side of Andrews' desk.

The Hellhound looked up at me, and, to my astonishment, smiled! I did not know the man was capable of such a feat! As I stood rigidly to attention, he reached into a drawer and produced a set of 'wings', that is, the insignia worn by R.F.C pilots. "Congratulations, Sgt. Campbell, you have completed your training. These are for you". In ecstatic disbelief, I slowly took the wings from his hand, holding them dumbly in front of my face. As I scrutinised my new beloved wings, Andrews continued. "You'll now be flying with No. 20 in Netheravon. Collect your things and depart immediately".

I was practically dizzy when I stepped out of his office. I had done it - I was a true R.F.C Pilot! I at once rushed away to sew on my wings. Later that night, we all had an uproarious binge to celebrate our accomplishment, and we all excitedly nattered about our newly assigned squadrons. Happily, Jacky-Boy and Switch-off are both coming to No. 20 with me! From what I have heard, our new squadron has been equipped with the F.E.2 two-seat fighters! We are all over the moon.

I must away now - we are leaving soon for Netheravon.