I am finding real life duties cutting my flight time, like many others, so struggling to keep up. I will have to limit myself to one flight per day and skip the extra flights WOFF is throwing my way.

Aleck A. MacKinlay
May 2, 1916

My two claims have been confirmed. I have been surprised that the two deaths at my hands has not weighed too heavily on me. I think tiredness and the loss of so many of our own pilots has hardened me to it all. They were trying to kill me, and I killed them.

A patrol of enemy lines this morning. Our group of four DH2s was not interfered with.

May 3: Patrol friendly front lines. We tangled with three Fokkers and got the better of them; McHard got one and I claimed one driven down out-of-control. McHard's was confirmed but mine was rejected as we did not see him crash and no other witnesses on the ground could be tracked down.

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