I have seen my fair share of EA, but usually from a thankfully safe distance. Around Ypres the Fokkers seem to enjoy roaming around a lot more than further South. Typically, EA try to get out of dodge when they see us coming - perhaps they are less eager to attack Fees, when there are squadrons worth of Quirks and Parasols flying around wink

I'd say I spot an EA every 1 in 4 sorties, and get into a scrap maybe every 1 in 10 (oftentimes initiated by myself when I see a juicy Aviatik plodding along). A ratio I don't mind to be honest! Boring, but boring is good when the name of the game is survival!

On an unrelated note, I've had a lot of trouble with my observers being 'stuck' facing their gun to the leftmost position, even when they have a perfectly good target inches from the nose of the plane! Any ideas why that might be? I've noticed that when the observer becomes stuck like this, the rear gun still tracks targets. Perhaps it's something to do with there being two guns for one observer.

As for the Comic Cuts mention, I thought it would be nice way for the RFC boys to link their stories, even if they don't directly encounter each other! The No. 20 boys are certainly going to be looking for more news of the devil Morane pilot wink

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