Wulfe, you've been very fertile lately. 2 exciting tales and telling off a superior officer to boot! What nerve. I’m surprised Graham got off Scott free for wrecking a brand spanking new bus. And I like the song too. Great shots of the A5644.

21 March, 1916 7:15
Senard, Verdun Sector
Escadrille N37
Adjutant Gaston A. Voscadeaux
2 confirmed kills

The thick fog around Senard aerodrome made it seem that it was much earlier in the day than it actually was. The maintenance work on the Escadrille’s machines commenced some time ago. The droning of engines circling overhead made some of the mechanics put down their tools and come out of the hangars into the frigid morning air. Their curiosity was rewarded by unfamiliar machines landing on the field.

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The new silhouettes emerged from the fog and stopped at the far end of the aerodrome. Their engines switched off, their propellers winding down to a stop. Most of the pilots, along with Gaston, came out of their living quarters to see what all the commotion was about. They approached the pilots disembarking their machines and assaulted them with all sorts of questions.
“- What Escadrille are you with?” Asked Gaston’s wingman.
“- Oh, we are not scout pilots. We’re just ferrying these here. We’ll be taking your old Tens back with us.” Was the answer from the closest man in the flight gear.
“- These are yours. Aren’t they beautiful?” He pointed to the row of Nieuport 11’s, making random ticking noises as their engines cooled down.
The news spread quickly and was accented by whooping ovations and jovial exclamations. Caporal Dreux shook Voscadeaux’s hand and exclaimed: “- Congratulations Gaston, you are a father again. This is your third baby, n’est pas?” Gaston was still in the state of shock. They now have the best aeroplanes in the world! The Eindeckers will have nowhere to hide. He was excited as if he truly had just become a father and couldn’t wait to try his new mount against the hated foe. The fog started to lift, but instead of sun, they were met by heavy snow clouds. First flakes started to come down, then more of them, thicker and bigger. The inaugural flight would have to wait. It looked like a snow storm was on its way.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."