Lederhosen, your latest report on Willi was super That screenshot of the crashed and burning Nieuport is a keeper.

Hasse, a frustrating outing for Julius to be sure, though I suspect the crew in the Quirk were quite happy about his misfortune.

Scout, I think Aleck needs to request a new G/O, preferably one that knows how to take advantage of shooting opportunities.

Wulfe, great reports as always, and that contemporary provisions box list is excellent stuff. But come on man, we all want to know which unit Graham is being posted to!

Fullofit, I can at last breath a sigh of relief, Gaston is back with his own and relatively safe and sound. Outstanding telling of his entire escape saga.

MFair, looks like Jericho and his flight prefer getting down and dirty with those bombing sorties. A bit too low down for my liking, but to each his own.

Outstanding reading as always Gents. Thanks!