Raine, congrats on another victory. Dent can eat his words now and the good Graf must be stomping his feet madly that his creations have found a terror of their own. Excellent description of what it might have been like to live the highlife as the hero of the Empire and congrats on the VC. That is one prestigious gong and a free pint ticket. Well done Captain Collins!

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Fullofit, Toby could have let his wingman have that one, but I imagine the fellow is just so focused on making it to triple ace status.

That’s not it at all. Toby despises moochers. He will not stand for doing the hard bit and then someone else waltzing in and taking the credit for it.
Looks like Swany doesn’t have that problem. His wingmen eliminate their own targets (in very unorthodox way) and leave him alone to his own devices and his own Huns. That’s the way it should be. Hmmm, maybe Mulberry should buy Sharman a drink? Another well done report. Glad Swany is on the mend.

Harry, Lazlo is just a teddy bear. One of those plush, stuffed ones that you see at the fairs. One of those large ones that will crush you if it falls on you. Great story and I’m looking forward to the target practice session. On the other hand, does he really need to shoot? He could simply fly to the enemy machines and rip their wings off with his bare hands, or is that bear hands? Just be careful when you attack those Strutters. They do put up a good fight.

MFair, well that little escapade didn’t go well. Looks like Drogo’s wings have been clipped by this experience. Hopefully he will be able to get over it quickly and learn to avoid flying low over the trenches. I expect he will soon find the right “spirit” to conquer his fears. Congrats on the confirmed Caudron. I’m glad I’m not flying one of those things anymore with everyone else ripping them to shreds.

Wulfe, darn! Bert survived. I’m disappointed. I am hoping you can make that despicable excuse for a human being pay for all the wrongs he has done. Good luck with the pass. Looking forward to a Paris tale. Perhaps James will meet une Parisienne, while he’s there?

7 September, 1916 05:00 morning mission
Luxeuil, Alsace Sector
3 Wing RNAS
FC Tobias Chester Mulberry
15 confirmed kills

The morning was still young. The five o’clock sun was just peeking out and trying to pierce through the cloud layer with little success. Mulberry was the leader of ‘B’ flight, while Collishaw was leading the ‘A’ flight. Both men were the only members of their respective flights. The trip to bomb Nancy railyard was long and monotonous, with a bit of excitement developing when Ray’s engine began to smoke halfway through and he had to peel off. Mulberry continued alone and reached the front lines without seeing any other planes throughout the entire trip. This all change when Toby was nearly at the target and noticed an Eindecker stalking him from behind. The Hun crept up from below while Mulberry was busy lining up his plane with the approaching railyard. By the time he swung his machine around the E.IV was firing and leaving holes in his wing. Despite that, the British Ace was behind the German pilot very quickly and returning fire. The monoplane squirmed around but it was no use. The petrol vapours were trailing behind him, betraying the severity of his situation. The Hun turned the Oberursel off for fear of catching on fire and dropped quickly down to land near the train tracks, while Toby continued to make it difficult for his foe. Finally the stricken Fokker touched down on the bumpy surface, nosed over and remained in this position to signal his defeat to the Englander. Toby continued on and dropped his cargo on the nearby railyard, hitting the barracks and sheds, then quickly turned back to return home.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."