All, please accept my apologies for doing such a poor job with my first pilot, James Patterson. As some of you may remember, he did survive the war. Actually, he was never really in it, but he didn't have the heart to tell little Tommy what really happened: after weeks of longing for the call up to France, and after many hours of routine flights up and down the south east coast of Blighty, James became increasingly disenchanted with the whole business. Even the occasional excitement of mad hat chases after zeppelins in the middle of the night failed to dispel the overall air of gloom that gradually overtook him. In the depths of a deep depression, James decided one night to sneak away from Marston and get totally blotto. This he did, with some considerable success, and woke up the next morning on the back of a farm truck full of hay, minus his virginity and with a thumping headache, in the middle of nowhere. His court martial and dismissal from the RNAS followed shortly thereafter.....

.... and, now, thanks to Raine's generosity, a new chapter begins with my "B" pilot. Hopefully this is a story with more "legs", along with an opportunity for me to try to contribute more to this most excellent selection of tales. You really are a wonderful bunch of writers, let alone pilots! I just hope I can keep up on both fronts....

Intoducing Konrad Berthold von Blumenthal, who has used his significant insider connections to get a posting to KEK Sivry in Verdun. Every saga needs a villain and I certainly intend for this chap to be one.... stay tuned smile

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..."I took the Stutter Challenge....AND WON!!!"

...”My PC’s been banned... for taking PEDs!!!”

...”The stutters only happen on Wednesdays when it’s cloudy. The rest of the time we’ll be just fine!!!”