Aleck A. MacKinlay
January 30, 1916

Well, the Major is a hard old sod ... he's showing not a bit of pity of poor old Captain Marshall. Right back we went today, to taunt the German fliers at Lille aerodrome, with Marshall put in command and told to complete the mission or be sacked! Gerber was assigned to pilot the Captain, and I don't think it is any random choice. Gerber is a rather cold-blooded type with three kills to his credit, and I suspect he was told to fly the Captain through hell and high water and not let him buckle.

The Major informed Chris and I that we would be the accompanying plane, and made it obvious that this was his idea of a good lesson in working together. The argument between Chris and Marshall has the old man pretty angry and this is his way of showing everyone under his command that men who don't work well together will be MADE to work together.

The flight to Lille aerodrome went well, and the Captain held his nerve. Gerber flew the two of them through a field of bursting Archie without a scratch. Unfortunately for Chris and I, we were so transfixed on all this drama that we totally missed a Fokker creeping up on our tail. The wiz of bullets snapped me back to our own situation and I thru our BE sideways like a madman. Chris was badly knocked around and was of no use on the gun for several minutes. All I had for defense was to turn with the Fokker and soon found I could out-maneuver him. He was a persistent chap and we spun around each other for almost 15 minutes as I slowly worked my way west to Armentieres. Chris got off about 50 rounds in short bursts with little effect and the Hun eventually realized he could not out-fly me and ran for home.

All in all a good day. Marshall has redeemed himself and Chris is raving to everyone who will listen about me out-flying the Eindekker. It's a bit embarrassing really, but maybe the Major will hear and move us up to a Fee. Oh, that would be something!

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