Aleck A MacKinlay
May 1, 1916

Patrol behind enemy lines. We were ambushed from behind by Fokkers as we crossed back over our lines. Rowle and I had to fight, while McHard and rookie Talbot flew on unaware. I lost sight of Rowle and had to fight hard to get out of trouble with a well flown EIII. I finally got the better of him and damaged his engine, slowing him and so i prepared to make the final kill as he slowly coasted down. Suddenly a second Fokker roared past my tail and I was in a new fight. We turned hard, wingtips only a few feet off the ground, with gaping German soldiers below. The enemy lost his nerve and i gave him several telling bursts ... he lost power and landed in the mud.

Two claims put in and all our fliers safe and accounted for. A good day.