Fullofit, that weather sucks! Pretty much the same up north. Looking forward to spring. Thank you for the compliment Sir! The spurs took me two full days. The heel band is tapered toward the front and the shank and chap guard were forged out and peened to the band, then copper soldered. As you can see, I’m not to good at soldering. The rowel was hot cut and forge tapered out, then hand filed to get the fancy part. The jingle bobs were forged using a swage. Heat, bam, bam, done.

The hardest part was I was on the tail end of therapy after popping my right bicep tendon so had to use my left hand. I have done a fair amount of blacksmithing in my day but when you have a master blacksmith leading the way it sure makes it smoother. He passed way too young at 54.

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