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Oooo, bad news Lofty! Sorry to hear of Karl's demise. But let me get this straight. You went looking for trouble in an unarmed bucket? spartasign
Next time try to get a crate that goes pew, pew. Good luck!

no, no, I wasn't looking for a fight; it was recon at the lines. They came for me. I'm not at all surprised that I didn't even last one encounter; just pissed off that I kept getting sent out defenseless in 1916, in an area known to have armed enemies, while 3 "improved" C-class planes were sitting in reserve on the roster. Stupid Command! (there, I said it; let them try to court martial me now!)

Maeran, I've never liked the view from French planes, what with the upper wing and wide body of a Spad, and the wing and windscreen frame of a Nieuport. I tried the German this time to be different, but it looks like I'll just stay with the Brits (and get shot down in a BE this April?!)