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Lt. Mark A. Jericho
No. 3 RFC
June 13th, 1916

Jericho was sitting outside to get some fresh air. He was at 19 CCS at Beauval just south of Doullens. His shoulder was heavily bandaged. He was thinking back 2 days to the mission that landed him at this place. He was leading a flight of 3 machines to bomb Bertincourt. They had 2 Bristol scouts as escorts. When they had dropped their bombs on the Hun Airfield he could see 3 Eindeckers climbing to intercept. Obviously the escorts did not see them as they came in behind the Morans. The combined fire of 3 experienced gunners drove them off and woke up the escorts because they chased after the fleeing Huns. Jericho had cursed the escorts for chasing after them leaving the Moranes to fly 10 miles back alone. About halfway back Jericho was feeling a bit better as he could not see anything else in the sky. All of a sudden bullets ripped through the Morane and he dove hard right. Pulling level again in a turn he could see 2 Eindeckers when his Machine was hit again. A Roland zipped past the slow Morane and pulled up right in front of Jericho. G#dd#%n! Jericho shouted to no one in particular. He then saw another Roland in the distance going after Jordan. Jericho was not thinking, he was acting on instinct. Turn, climb, dive and dodge. He kept trying to get closer to the lines but there were just too many Huns around to do anything but stay out of the line of fire. He turned his head to the right just in time to see Wordon hit a Fokker coming in on them. It went into a death spin. Jericho had seen it before. This was no ruse. The pilot was dead at the controls. No time to celebrate now as more bullets tore into the Morane. Jericho was out of options. He put the nose west and put the Morane into a dive. He could see the lines a few miles ahead. Wordon was steady throwing fire to the rear as they dove but Jericho didn't dare turn around. In an instant he felt the impact of a bullet in his shoulder. It stunned him for a moment but he gained his wits and focused on flying the machine. Wordon's gun was silent. With all that was going on Jericho was amused that he noticed the wound did not hurt as much as he thought it would. The lines were getting closer now and he had to level off for fear of going over the enemy trenches too low. He heard Wordon open up again. "Son of a B*#tch" he thought but soon they went silent again and no return fire was coming their way. He could now see Bellevue in the distance and made for it. "They should make this my home field" he thought. As he was bringing the Morane in he started to feel faint. "Hold on Pard" he told himself. The next thing he knew, he was at a regimental aid post with The Newfoundland Regiment. He could not understand a word they were saying. "Ease up on the reins a bit Pard. Talk a little slower and in English!" He finally was made to understand he and Wordon, who was wounded in the shoulder also were being sent to Beauval. "Be sure to tell the Major we knocked one of the Bas@#rds down " he said before went passed out again.

As he sat a shadow crossed over his eyes and when he looked up he was stunned when he saw the Major standing next to him. He started to stand up when the Major put a hand to his shoulder and said "at ease Lt." With that the Major pulled up a chair and sat down next to him. Jericho grimaced as he turned to face the Major. "It sure is good to see you Major. You here to take me back? Jericho said forcing a smile. The Major laughed, "not just yet Lt. It will be a few days before you can return to the squadron." Jericho frowned "I sure wish you were, this here sure is a foul place." The Major looked at the Jericho, "All in good time Lt. All in good time. Are you being treated well?" He asked. Jericho answered "Oh just fine Major, just fine. There are a lot of boys here need a lot more than me."
The Major pulled out some paper from his briefcase. "I need one thing from you. Lt Griffen observed the Eindecker you brought down and all I need is your signature to make it official. Good thing your right arm is good." Jericho looked at the Major. "Sure thing Major. I sure am glad someone saw it. May be they will confirm this one."
The Major patted Jericho on the back. "Oh its been confirmed Lt. I just needed your signature to make it official." He smiled as he stood up. "You take care of yourself here Lt. and I'm sure you will be back in a few days and don't worry, you will be back in the air as soon as the Doctors say you can fly and not one day later.
Jericho was shocked! Victory N0. 5. "Sure thing Major. I'll be ready in no time."

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