Emile Benoit La Mont
Sgt, N 26
St. Pol-sur-mer, AF
Flanders, France

April 13, 1916.

Ace of Aces. Here at N-26 it means stealing kills. I was part of a 6 a/c Offensive Patrol with our Star Ace and his wingman got in a Jam with 3 Monoplanes . I circled down to help and fired Zee nachine gun more to scare off the e/a than to hit zem. I put on a fresh drum and went back at it. I spotted one low and slow under me so dropped the nose .cut zee power and dropped on zee tail. Tacka ,Tacka,
Tacka. 47 rds fired some hi The e/at puked smoke and started a slow turn. I circled and reloaded . To my Horror, The Ace of Aces came creeping up behind shot at my kill. He got the credit and there was a big party in zee mess. I took a walk.

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