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It seems some of us have found the eye to bring down some opposing aircraft. Good on you.

Lt. Mark Jericho
Auchell Aerodrome
March 11, 1916

C Flight was coming in from their mission to bomb Douai aerodrome. As the 2 machines came bounding down the field the ground crew for Jericho and Christians machine were seen looking into the sky waiting for their machine to come in. It was no where in sight.

Griffen asked Dickens "Did you see what happened to Lt. Jericho?"
Dickens answered "I don't really know. After those Fokkers hit us and the escorts scared them off, he was behind a bit but looked ok. After we went through the cloud, I did not see him again!"
Griffen looked at the ground and then back at Dickens, "We were about to cross the lines at that point. Maybe he had to sit down somewhere."
The two went to debrief to fill out their reports.

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