Aleck A. MacKinlay

February 10, 1916: A routine reconnaissance today north of Ypres. No sign of any enemy aircraft and little action below apart from the odd artillery burst. The entire sector seems rather quiet. Reynolds has a theory that the Jerries are concentrating their attention elsewhere along the front in preparation for a big spring battle that we will get left out of. I really couldn't argue against it.

February 11, 1916: More reconnaissance north of Ypres with no interference from the enemy.

While warming up in the mess with Chris, Mr. Davis entered, apparently with the same idea in mind. He recognized me as the pilot that had ferried him here and, seemingly in a friendly mood joined us. He helped himself to hot tea and stale biscuits, introducing himself as Warren. Chris and I would normally be sociable and ask the usual questions one asks of a new acquaintance in these situations but were a bit tongue tied for fear of probing his apparently secretive visit to RNAS-6. Happily, Warren steered the conversation toward Chris and i, asking about where we were from, how we got into flying, and all that. Surprisingly it turns out that we have a few common acquaintances back in London ... which we figured out when I mentioned the Vickers Flying School. Warren said that he works for Vickers in their design department. This caught my attention and I mentioned to him that I hoped to work for Vickers after the war ends and apprentice there as a junior mechanical engineer. When he found out I was recently graduated from engineering it was like he had found a kindred spirit ... I gather Davis and Buckminster haven't been the most brilliant conversationalists these last few days cooped up in Hanger 1. He is a graduate of the Victoria University of Manchester and we had great fun exchanging stories of pranks and profs for about half an hour before he had to return to his work.

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