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Lt. Mark Jericho
Bertangles West
March 31, 1916

The squadron got the word last night. Moving to Bertangles West. "That's some real bad medicine all around Pard" Jericho said to his friend Swany. Not only had he lost his friend and gunner, he would be moving 30 miles further from his lady friend. Swany did not answer and Jericho did not push it. He was well aware there were no words to ease his friends pain at the moment. Time was the only thing that would help and it was seeming as though both of them most likely had little of that left.

Jericho and Christian took off to take their Morane to Bertangles. It was cloudy but at least it was not raining. Just as soon as they had climbed out and gained some altitude Jericho noticed something was wrong with the engine. It seemed there was more oil than usual coming off the cowling. He looked around to get his bearings. It was just in time as the rpm's on the engine started to drop and then the engine froze with a thump! He looked back at Brauy and deduced they could not make it back to the field. He saw a road below and decided that was the safest bet. He circled down but with the wind it was hard to keep the Morane on an even keel but managed to set her down about 3 miles east of Bruay. "Well ain't that a sack of bricks" Jericho said as he unbuckled and made an exit from the cockpit. He gave Christian a hand down and they started walking back to Bruay. Christian said, "that's sure a long way to walk". Jericho was just not in the mood at the moment. "What the hell are you b@#hin' about! Your alive aren't you? Besides, this is just a hop, skip and a jump." They walked the rest of the way back to Bruay. After reporting the location of their Morane the Major told them to catch a ride in one of the Lorries and that they would haul their machine to Bertangles. "Major would you mind if I ride Moon to Bertangles?" The Major looked at Jericho and asked "You had rather ride a horse thirty miles than take a Lorrie!?" Jericho smiles, "Any day Sir!" The Major shook his head and replied "Then be my quest Lieutenant."

As he and Christian left the Majors office Jericho asked Christian, "Can you ride?" The Lt. replied he had done a bit of riding. "Good" said Jericho, "How about you taking Jim's mount, "I don't trust those sons of bi#@hes to get him there." Christian replied, "I'll give it a go Mark" knowing full well Jericho was not going to take no for and answer. "We will cut across country to save a little time."

Jericho and Christian set out toward Bertangles that afternoon cutting across the fields. Crossing one Jericho could see a fence ahead. He did not say anything to Christian and bumped Moon into a gallop. Reaching the fence, Moon cleared it with ease. Jericho pulled him up just in time to see Christian on Jim's mount clear the fence with no effort. "Whooo We" said Jericho, "that was as purdy a jump as there ever was." Christian just smiled. " I told you I have done a bit of riding." Jericho looked at Christian, "A bit! Amigo you don't jump like that with just a bit of riding."

As the sun was low on the horizon they spotted a farmhouse near Fervent and decided they should find quarters for the night. They rode up to the house and an elderly gentleman stepped out to greet them. Christian spoke to the man in French and soon they were talking back and forth. Jericho felt naked. Here he was in a foreign country listening to two people carry on and he had not one idea what they were talking about. Christian finally turned to Jericho and said, "We have a place to stay Mark. He said we can put the mounts in the barn." Jericho nodded to the gentleman and told Christian he would take care of the stock while he and the Frenchman got acquainted. When Jericho entered the house his stomach gave a growl at the smell of something good. An elderly French lady who Jericho supposed was the man's wife, wiped her hands on her apron and came over to Jericho talking up a storm and ushering him to a place at the table. The Frenchman looked at Jericho with wide eyes. He was taken aback with the friendliness of the two. "Whats up here Amigo" he asked Christian. Christian laughed at Jericho and said "I took the liberty of telling them you are a real american cowboy from the wild west of America." Jericho blushed and looking at the two friendly hosts said "I'm thinking my friend here might have blown a little smoke." Their two hosts looked at Christian who translated Jericho's answer. The both laughed and babbled something which Jericho could not comprehend. That's the way it went for a few hours before Christian explained they had a long way to go in the morning and needed to get some rest.

In the morning they saddled the two horses and thanked their hosts for a wonderful evening. As they mounted up the lady spoke and gave Jericho a rolled sack. Jericho looked at Christian for translation and he said "its some food for the journey". Jericho smiled down at the old woman. She reached up with her two hands to Jericho who leaned down and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Jericho tilted his cap to the lady and old man and he and Christian went on their way. Christian looked at Jericho and said, "I think the lady is sweet on you old boy!" Jericho did not acknowledge his comment but said "We're going to be late" and spurred moon into a gallop.

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