Aleck A. MacKinlay
Februrary 7, 1916

Fly to St. Pol-sur-Mer airfield to pick up a package? My first thought was to protest to the Major that he should send one of the junior pilots but quickly realized that I AM the junior pilot. My next thought was to suggest that Miller would be a better choice, and that I could be of more use exploiting my new found bombing skills, when he informed me that Miller would be accompanying me in a second BE2. Apparently this 'package' came in two parts and both were rather heavy. I could see that there was no getting out of it and off we went, flying with empty forward cockpits. Chris was happy to have a day off and he and Miller's observer went off for breakfast after predicting with a devilish grin that i would never find my way home without him there to help me navigate.

We arrived at St. Pol-sur-Mer and reported to the adjutant. He told us the packages would be ready to be loaded in about half and hour and would we like a quick tour while we waited, otherwise we could just warm up and have coffee. Well bloody hell, we took the tour ... we had seen Nieuports on the field as we landed! We saw lots of Nieuport 10c variants that RNAS-1 is using for offensive reconnaissance, but what really caught our eye was two new single-seat scouts that the RNAS-2 lads have just received. It's a slightly shrunken N-10, or so it looks, but packing a Lewis on the top wing. Makes our Bristol Scouts look quite the folly.

Returning to our aircraft with a severe case of envy, Miller's front seat was stuffed with a medium sized black tin steamer trunk all strapped down. I asked were my package was and was told 'here he comes now', as a smallish middle-aged man struggled toward us in a flying coat and boots that were obvious far to big for him. I could see through the open coat that he was wearing a rumpled black suit; some type of civilian or politician I guessed. 'Who's he?" I asked the adjutant. "Not really your business, Lieutenant. , but you can call him Mr. Davis. Please see him safely back to RNAS-6 and keep inquiries to a minimum."

Back we went with our guest and his trunk, arriving at Abeele with no issues. We were met on the field by Major Mills and he had Mr. Mr. Davis put up in the officers quarters. I have no idea what the fellow is here for, but I am sure we will all know in short order ... everyone knows everyone else's business here within a day or two.

I didn't dwell on it, rather Miller and I rushed off to the mess to eat and warm up, but mostly to tell everyone about the Nieuport 11's we had seen and moan loudly (mostly for show of course) about how #%&*$# lucky the RNAS pilots are.