Nigel Archibald Notting
Sgt, RFC
4 Sqn Rfc.
Allonville, Flanders
19.53 Hrs. Flight Time.

Feb 23 , and 24th 1916.

)n the 23th sent to attack a Rail yard across the kines from us. Met with cannon fire but was able to bomb from 3500 ft. No Hits some were short and some overs,

On the 24th sent back to same target on the same route, same time, same altitude. Found 3 monoplanes low and climbing towards our two a/c. I bombed on the flight leaders release. 1 or maybe 2 hits somewhere in the Yard then the fighters were on us. I nosed over heading for the lines and pegged 145 mph. Woodlark, my flight Lead, made a turn losing speed and height with 2 machines on his tail that was the last we ever saw of him and his Ob. I had one E/A trying to close on me. My OB gun went bang bang then nothing a Jam. I nosed over more keeping ahead of him then Archie opened up and the E/a turned for home. Thank goodness, I was down to 1200 ft. Score 1 Be 2 loss.

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