Oh no, Wulfe! I was really enjoying Graham's adventures. Actually, I've been enjoying all of the pilots' storylines, somewhat more than I have my own. Patterson's still alive, pottering around the Kent countryside, but there's really nothing to write about. We did get a report of Zeppelins one night. Patterson was dragged out of bed at 11.30pm and told to suit up. After an hour of flying to the capital in pitch darkness, all they saw were searchlights. Another hour home and a nerve wracking landing followed, but Patterson felt rather pleased with himself at getting it down smoothly. Back to bed around 2.30am (midnight in RL!).

Like Lou, I love catching up on all the adventures each morning. Forgive me if my own posts are rather sporadic for now. I don't believe life will get more interesting for my young pilot until his unit transfers to France this summer.


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