Keith Cunard Mallory
LT, Rfc MC
B Flight Commander
29 Sqn, Ablee , France
5 Kills

Oct 5, 1916.

Lost haft of my flight on the morning Patrol. I told the chaps watch for my gestures , stick to me like glue, but they didnt too eager to get to grips with the Huns. The 4 of us were over the lines at 5,000 ft and spotted 3 flights of e/a. I waved to follow me in attacking a lower 3 a/c Halbt flight. Upon making a High side attack, I noticed that I was all alone. The rest of the flight had attacked the other higher flight of 3 Albatross Scouts, One of the e/a caught fire or mid aired as I closed on the another firing off 3 strings of 8 or 10 rds then one was on my tail I took 5 hits before I saw him swing left so I nosed down and swung right getting away from him. As soon as we crossed the line he fell away and I RTB We lost 2 DH-2 and Pilots for 0 e/a

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