Lou, you are the Fokker Terminator. I have a theory why they all like you so much. You fly all by your lonesome. No escort and that makes your plane such an attractive proposition. Little do they know who is sitting behind the controls, nor do they know that the gunner is more afraid of Swany than them.
Carrick, you better be careful with those rockets. They’re flammable, don’t you know? biggrin
MFair, that’s one way to pull a leg of a flight member. I am pretty sure Jim’s observer will have nightmares tonight. Congrats on the first confirmed kill. Finally! It will be a party to remember, I’m sure.

5 April, 1916 13:15 afternoon mission
Senard, Verdun Sector
Escadrille N37
Sous Lietenent Gaston A. Voscadeaux
10 confirmed kills

They have told him it would take two days to repair Violette’s wing. While she’s under repairs Gaston would have to use a loaner.
They’ve been sent deep into the Hun territory to patrol over enemy camp near Virton. Gaston was in lead, with his wingman Adjutant Adelus on his starboard, Adjutant Boillot on port side and Caporal Garrigou bringing up the rear. The weather was still favourable. As they were crossing the lines Gaston noticed a pair of Fokkers doing the same in the opposite direction. He turned the ‘B’ flight around to give chase. The monoplanes noticed this and turned to face them as well. Four against two wasn’t much of a duel, but the result would be the same if the odds were reversed. Voscadeaux latched onto the tail of the leader and let his wingmen entertain the trailing Boche. Gaston’s target was attempting to evade the flurry of bullets when the linkages were snapped and the monoplane went into a spin and veered right above Gaston’s head missing him by mere inches. Gaston’s heart stopped as he watched in slow motion Eindecker’s wing grazing his tail. He was this close to wrecking another Nieuport in the span of hours. It all happened so fast that Voscadeaux had no time to even twitch. He had no time to congratulate himself on a narrow escape either as the other Fokker was now in his sights. He fired at it but stayed back as the rest of his troupe was hounding him. It was Adelus who finished him off. They reformed and continued with the mission. The cloud cover increased as they’ve reached Virton. The only indicator that they were over the camp came when the Flak started going off. No enemy planes were in sight so Gaston turned back and headed for home. As they were approaching Jametz, first Boillot and then the rest of his flight detached from formation and Gaston followed to see what the commotion was all about. He couldn’t see anything out of place but trusted Boillot’s eagle eyes. He finally spied a trio of Fokkers high above getting ready for the attack. One of them dove on the passing Nieuports, but he was outnumbered and soon Adjutant Boillot had him out of control and crashing to the ground. Gaston started to look for the other two Huns and found them going straight for the Jametz aerodrome. He chased them with the rest of his flight behind. When he caught up to them, he gave his wingmen the opportunity to draw first blood, knowing well they will trip on each other if they all attack at once, but they were comfortable just following him. Gaston went after the trailing Fokker and set its Oberursel on fire. Finally the rest of his flight decided to join the fun and were on the burning Fokker like the proverbial flies on Scheisse trying to be the last one to hit him and claim the poor #%&*$#. Voscadeaux was looking for his leader, but instead noticed another trio flying high above. He was low on ammo and decided that discretion was the better part of valour and turn south to get back home. Only Boillot was still with him. The other Adjutant and the Caporal remained behind. Cpl. Garrigou claimed the final hit on Gaston’s flamer. On arrival back at base each member of the ‘B’ flight claimed one Boche each. They were all on pins and needles until the confirmations started to come in.

"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."