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"I've told you plenty of times!", the mechanic grumbled. "These model 3 versions have serious stuttering issues that can never be fixed. I've been working on engines for over half my life and I know everything there is to know, so don't try telling me what you think you could do in my place to make it better!". The mechanic spat out the last sentence vehemently. Konrad looked him up and down, despising him and his attitude. God, he thought to himself, he's a bigger villain than me! The man shook his unruly shock of white hair back and started packing away his tools.

"Herr Behr, I find your continued outbursts to be extremely irritating. If you don't immediately desist, I will be forced to report you!" One of the other mechanics nearby could sense the tenseness between the two men and offered his colleague an exit from the confrontation.

"Err, Snowy, could you spare me a minute? I really need your help with this piston unit. I just can't seem to get it unstuck!" The man turned and answered.

"Hold on a moment, I'll give you a hand". Turning back to Konrad, he said "Look, it's ridiculous to spend any amount of money on trying to fix a problem that can't be fixed. It stutters. Plain and simple. If I were you I'd get the Hauptmann to upgrade you to the mark IV version. That stutters as well, but not as badly as this old thing". Konrad walked over to his plane as the other mechanics wheeled it out into the field. The annoying little man was probably correct about requesting a new plane. How the hell could he be expected to keep up with Boelcke and "stick to him like glue" with an underpowered machine.

Okay, I'm LMAO right now. Perhaps Konrad could review his stuff in HQ and tick the box that lets him ignore mechanic Behr's comments?