If my Sig offends you to the point that it interferes with constructive dialogue, I can certainly change it as well.

There is nothing flawed about the stutter test I use. It is designed to make stutters happen, and it does. If the sim didn't stutter, then no amount of my test or any other could make it happen.

I'm sorry if you and others are unable to actually run the test without it showing stutters, but you can't eliminate part(s) of the test in order to "beat the challenge".
The test is not causing the stutters, it's just a means of reproducing what is already there. And it's very reliable about it, which is why all the parts are there, and can't be bypassed or omitted.

It happens i don't have PE yet, although I am certainly considering it. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I have concerns about the same issues I've always disliked.

On a good note, I was very happy to see animated guns and cloud popping gone (if it truly is). These are among the few remaining problems that turned me away from this sim.

If only the stutters could be fixed...and unfortunately acting like they don't happen or splitting hairs about what to call them just doesn't change the fact that they still happen.

Name-calling, etc, none of that is going to solve it. But I don't think it's unreasonable I should respond in kind, once that's how someone comes at me.

Even if the stuttering (or whatever) never gets resolved, my test is not causing it. It's just a way to reproduce what's already there, and that's one of the first steps in solving any problem (after admitting there is a problem, and identifying it).

Unfortunately some people can't get past admitting it...which I find remarkable as it comes up around here from time to time, even when I have nothing to do with it.