Nice kill Fullofit!

Aleck A. MacKinlay
March 14, 1916

The work of the squadron goes on. A bombing run yesterday to harass enemy ground forces, then back to Loos Junction today. Both James and I dropped too soon so it was a rare unsuccessful mission.

Still no intervention from enemy aircraft. We have not been interfered with for what seems like weeks now. I keep expecting the enemy to ambush us at Loos Junction with a slew of Fokkers as we are there like clockwork every other morning or so. We keep hearing reports of Fokker attacks from other squadrons but remain relatively unscathed here in our own little area. A few of the younger fellows seem a bit bored and looking for a fight, but I am content to do our part with bombing and spotting; this war looks to go on for a while so no rush to get killed.

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