Emile Benoit La Mont
Sgt, N 26
St. Pol-sur-mer, AF
Flanders, France

Apr 9 1916.

0805 hrs: The Esc had orders from Hq Armee to attack Zee Gas Bag at the western part of the line. Our lead a/c got Zee target. I fired off my Rockets at the Infantry positions on the wat back

1400 hrs: Up again for a defensive Patrol. Zee Bosche were up to The 5 of us flew under a Patrol then dropped down on a 3 a/c Section of Monoplanes. The Esc knocked down 1 for 2 N-11's damaged. I latched on to one and loosed off a drum No Hits ? Then another I got fire at as he came up on my wingmates tail another drum No hits ( well maybe 2 or 3 ) he dove away for Home. End of Flight.

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