Lederhosen, how far did your man get with a hole in the petrol tank? Have to watch those Bristols and that skewed gun.

Fullofit, Gaston's new ride looks spiffing. A tad more subdued than his last one, but there is still no doubt who it belongs to. As to drawing first blood with it, that will come soon enough.

MFair, Jericho appears to be whipping Gomm into shape. Congrats on his latest victory, but I fear this whole bloody business is taking it's toll on our resident cowboy.

Carrick, is Keith pulling a Yo-yo? Hope he's not gone AWOL, the Brits take a very dim view of such behavior.

Hasse, Julius needs to make a friend at HQ that can lobby for his claims. It's not fair that he's doing his job yet getting little credit for it. Here's hoping things turn around for him.

Raine, wonderful episodes as always, and the mystery is at last solved. I do feel bad though for Jim's mother, the woman is clearly unstable. Congrats on victory number four.

Wulfe, wonderful stories as well and as usual. I am so very jealous of your fellow getting to serve with the Escadrille Americaine, what a fantastic group. But scary stuff on that last landing, luck was definitely on Fullard's side. Hope he gets confirmation on that Fokker.

Great stuff Gents, keep the tales coming. And remember to post your stats as of 1 June 1916. Thanks!


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