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Lt. Mark Jericho
April 28, 1916

Captain Barrus, Jericho's gunner, was about to explode. "Not Confirmed?!"

That morning Jericho and Barrus were doing recon east of Cappy with Griffen. Upon completing their mission 2 Fokkers were climbing from behind. Jericho didn't think they would follow them across the lines but they did. As they flew along the south side of the Somme near Fricourt they had caught up with them and made their attack. The dance had begun. Round and round the 2 machines went with Barrus hammering away with his gun. As Jericho looked around he saw the Eindecker start to boil black smoke! He pulled up as the Hun turned for home then turned and gave chase. They were down to 300 meters when Barrus let loose a burst that sent the Hun spinning to the ground. Jericho was so excited blipping the engine to keep the Hun in sight he stalled the Morane but pulled out of it just in time to see the Hun explode in a heap. He and Barrus were fit to be tied! They had shot one down on their side of the lines just a few miles south of an observation balloon. In their minds it was already confirmed.

The Major sighed. "Gentlemen! It's done. It seems the arty boys say it was their fire that brought him down and that's that! Jericho and Barrus headed for the door before the Major called to Jericho. "If it makes you feel any better, you have been promoted to Lt."

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