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There's always Comic Cuts, Raine. They've been going since 1915

The RFC Communiques, affectionately known as "Comic Cuts", reported on RFC activities on a regular basis from 1915 on. A Mention in Dispatches, however, required being singled out in the Army GOC's despatches and reported in a supplement to the London Gazette. Haig's first despatch hasn't happened yet, The main despatch was issued on 19 May 1916, with supplements to follow (including mentions). So I'm collecting the MiDs for later publication.

There was no medal or special award for an MiD at first. One received only the warm, fuzzy feeling of recognition. At war's end, there were two acknowledgements. First, the recipient got a nice certificate, suitable for framing on one's "I Love Me" wall. Second, a bronze leaf pin was issued, which was to be worn on the ribbon of the Victory Medal or British War Medal.

For the campaign, the Gong Fairy is planning to issue the certificate, I believe. Just pretend you (or your bereaved spouse / parents) got it after the war.