Fw Drogo Dorn
Verdun, France
Oct. 3, 1916

Things were looking better at Jasta 7. They now had 9 pilots and could put a bit of a force in the air. They had two of the new Albatros fighters that the two flight leaders flew with the promise of more to come. They had moved to Spincourt which was very close to the front so it didn’t take much time at all to get to the front. Drogo had been at the front for a month now and was getting very comfortable in the air. Their newest member Auman had been placed in Drogo’s care and would fly on his wing. He would need it. He had only flown one combat mission and was as green as a gourd.

Jasta 7 sat at mess by rank with the Kommandant Fritz Von Bronsart-Schellendorf at the head of the table. On either side of him were the two flight commanders. On one side was Oliver Freiherr Von Beaulieu-Marconnay. Drogo had flown many missions with him and admired him immensely. He was an even tempered man and always looking out for the fledgling fliers in his care. On the opposite side of him was Herman Goering. He had transferred in when the Jasta moved to Spincourt. Drogo did not care for him one bit. He was brash and arrogant. He never missed an opportunity to put Drogo in his place, which at the time was near the end of the table because of his rank.

The kommandant tapped the table for silence. He then raised his glass and in his best aristocratic voice said, “a toast gentleman. To our highest scoring flier, Fw Dorn.” A rowdy cheer arose from the crowd. Auman, the newest member of Jasta 7 sitting next to Drogo, let out the loudest cheer. Drogo could see Goering lift his glass red faced. It galled him that Drogo’s latest confirmed victory over a Coudron put him on top. Drogo rose for his seat and made a subtle bow with a smile and sat back down. It was a pleasant night.

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