Keith Cunard Mallory
2nd LT, Rfc
29 Sqn, Ablee AF.
4 Kills

31 July 1916.

Bit of Bad Luck. I have been busy fixing up the maintenance area and Fuel point Muck and filth everywhere, Do wish thet would give some Defaulters or Security people to put on it. I did manage to get in the morning flight. My 3 a/c section was nearing the lines when I spotted some Archie down to the port side at about 3000 ft. I had lost the boys in the clouds so dove to have a look see. There was a Recon type nosing down amid puffs of smoke Heading for Hunland, I dove to get in a side pass firing off 16 rds then Bang a Jam. By the time I polled clear and got the Lewis working he was gone.

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